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BB&T Bank hours are very much in line with traditional banking hours, in that they operate mainly during the week, with reduced times set for the weekends. In fact BB&T Bank hours exclude Sundays as they are closed for business on this day.

You can get a fair idea of bbnt bank hours from the time table below. BBnt hours may differ by type of location you are visiting for example stand alone branches versus branches that exist in within shopping centers.

BBT hours are easy enough to remember thanks to their straightforwardness. Mondays through to Thursdays will see the longest BBT hours, with times being 9am-5pm. As with many other banks, BBT hours are slightly extended on a Friday, with their closing time lengthened to 6pm. There may even be the odd branch whose hours are 9am-6pm each weeknight, but these are less common.

Saturday provides the only notable change when it comes to BB& T Bank hours. Opening at the same time of 9am, they will close much earlier than on the rest of the week, with a closing time of 12pm.
BB&T Hours

BB&T Locations

Finding all of the possible BB&T locations couldn�t be easier, as all you need to do is visit the dedicated branch locator online. After you find this, it is just a case of entering the necessary details (ZIP, address, state or city) and you will be presented with any corresponding BB&T locations.

This method can also be used to acquire any BB&T phone number you may need, as each branches information is given when you search for them. Should you need the BB&T customer service phone number, you can find that on the BB&T website.

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