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Anyone looking for Albertsons pharmacy hours can rest easy knowing that they remain very similar no matter the store. They follow the same times, with Mondays to Fridays having the longest hours of operation, with the weekends being shortened slightly.

Albertsons pharmacy hours begin at one of two times depending on what days it is. Mondays through to Saturdays will open at 9am in every store, with Sundays opening an hour later at 10am.

The closing times remain similar too, with Mondays to Fridays tending to cease operations at 9pm. Fridays more often than not close at the earlier time of 7pm, and close even earlier than that on Sundays at 4pm.
Not every Albertsons pharmacy closes so early on Sundays however, as some stores will be opened as late as 6 pm in several locations.

Albertsons Pharmacy Locations

With thousands of Albertsons pharmacy locations up and down the country, there will more than likely be a location to close to yours that has a pharmacy in store. The easiest way to establish the nearest Albertsons pharmacy location from where you are is to visit their store locator.

By entering your zip, state or city and selecting Albertson locations that have a pharmacy, you will find all the necessary info to find a store.

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