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Advance Auto Parts is the largest retailer of automotive parts and accessories in the country and anyone looking for any parts for their vehicles will more than likely check out one of their many locations.

Advance Auto Part�s store hours are quite straightforward as most stores have the same hours of operations. As with most other retailers, some Advance auto store hours differ from others, if only by an hour or so at the most.

What Time Does Advance Auto Parts Open?

Advance Auto hours tend to begin early each day, with stores opening at 7.30am from Mondays to Saturdays, which is rather helpful for anyone seeking parts for their vehicle before setting out for the day � although the odd Advance Auto Parts location will open at 8am.

Sundays open slightly later like most other retailers, with Advance Auto store hours beginning at 9am instead.

What Time Does Advance Auto Parts Close?

Advance Auto Parts store hours for closing are known for being longer than most other retailers, with the majority of stores closing at 9pm Mondays to Saturdays. Again, some locations slightly differ from this, with some closing at 8pm instead.

Advance Auto Parts hours for closing change slightly on a Sunday, with most locations closing at the earlier time of 8pm and other closing a 7pm.

Advance Auto Parts Locations

There are many Advance Auto locations throughout the country, so anyone looking for parts or accessories for their vehicles should be able to find one. The Advance Auto Parts store locator can be a useful tool for finding any nearby locations.

By entering your address you can be provided with relevant information regarding Advance Auto locations, including the location of individual stores, their hours of operations, and their contact information.

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