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Academy Sports + Outdoors is a retailer that specialises in discount sports and outdoor living goods. They provide a wide range of name-brand sports goods that are available with additional discounts from the regular retail price. You can find a massive selection of products at Academy Sports, including sports clothing and footwear, sporting equipment, as well as a range of outdoor equipment for the likes of fishing and hunting.

Academy Sports + Outdoors hours of operation remain standard like most other retailers. Their hours also tend to remain unchanged from location to location, so knowing one Sports Academy + Outdoors store hours will usually mean you know them all!

Although from time to time you may find that the odd Sports Academy + Outdoors location has slightly different hours, but this is never by more than an hour or two.



What Time does Academy Open ?

What Time does Academy Sports Close ?

What Time does Academy Sports Open?

Academy Sports hours for opening remain pretty standard like most other retailers. They operate with mostly the same hours throughout the entire week, with some slight changes during weekends.

Opening at 8.30am Mondays to Fridays, Academy Sports + Outdoors hours for opening are easy to remember and notably early when compared to many other retailer outlets.

Slight changes to Academy Sports + Outdoors store hours occur on Saturdays, which open earlier at 8am, and on Sundays when they open slightly later at 9.30pm � although this is still quite early by Sunday retail hours!

What Time Does Academy Sports Close?

As with their opening times, Academy Sports + Outdoors store hours for closing remain very standard and are easy to follow.

Sundays to Thursdays close at 9.30pm, whereas on a Friday and Saturday they operate slightly later, with all Academy Sports + Outdoors hours finishing at 10pm.

Academy Sports Locations

All Academy Sports + Outdoors locations are contained within Southern States, including Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida and Louisiana. There are also some Academy Sports+ Outdoors locations situated in Midwestern States such as Kansas and Indian.

To find out where the nearest Academy Sports + Outdoors location in relation to you, simply visit their website and use their helpful store locator tool. Here you can find the location of every single Academy Sports + Outdoors, which can be searched by entering your zip code, city, or state.

This can be particularly useful for getting more precise times for a specific Academy Sports + Outdoors

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